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Learn more about our great Redding Assisted Living team at The Vistas Assisted Living and Memory Care!

The Vistas Assisted Living and Memory Care Administrator

Izabella Robinson – Administrator

As the Administrator for the Vistas Assisted Living and Memory Care Community, Iza oversees the day-to-day operations of the Vistas. She is also responsible for ensuring compliance with policies and procedures, licensing regulations, and customer satisfaction. Iza believes in the Mission, Core Values, and Vision of the Vistas. She knows that culture is the cornerstone of success and is passionate about leading a culture of love, respect, empowerment, and accountability. She is highly regarded in the community at large.

Iza was born and raised in Poland. She has a Masters degree in teaching. Iza is one of the original Vistas staff members and helped to open the building in 2007. Iza enjoys hiking with her husband and gardening.

Sherry Mundt, Director of Sales & Marketing

As the Director of Sales & Marketing for the Vistas Assisted Living and Memory Care Community, Sherry enjoys helping residents and family members in the move in process and beyond. Her compassion and love for the elderly and the Redding Community is felt by each life she encounters.

Sherry’s heart was captured by the senior community in 2004 as she started her career in Portland Oregon working at an Assisted Living Community. Since then, this interest has continued to grow and develop with each family she meets.

Sherry is happily married to her husband Dave for 23 years and going strong. Sherry enjoys outdoor activities and can be seen on weekends kayaking on a local lake or hiking.  She is involved in her church and community, and spoils her two dogs, Bow and Arrow. 

Sherry Mundt, Director of Sales & Marketing
Dining Services for The Vistas Assisted Living and Memory Care

Chef Victor Arredondo, Dining Services

Chef Victor is the Dining Services Director for the Vistas Assisted Living and Memory Care Community. He is charged with the creation of delicious, well-balanced menus for residents and guests. Managing a well-functioning kitchen and dining room is among his numerous responsibilities; and so are the training and the supporting of new cooks and dining staff.

Victor Arredondo was born in Mexicali, Mexico, where he graduated from High school. In 2004, shortly after his graduation, he moved to Shasta County , California.

His cooking career began in El Tamborazo Restaurant in Chico, California, and then to Chipotle in Redding, California. In 2010 Victor began working and training at the Vistas under well-known Chef Hurly Baird. He assumed the duties of Dining Services Director in October 2014.

Victor lives in Red Bluff, California, with his wife Gisela and their three children: Areli, Alex, and Alan; and they have a golden Labrador retriever.

His family is very important to him, and Victor is always aware of what is happening in the lives of his two teenage children and that of his eleven-year- old, by way of daily family conferences. Gisela works outside the home, so she and Victor share household duties.

In his leisure time, Victor enjoys playing soccer with his friends.

Cinamon Lunsford, Activities Coordinator 

As the Life Enrichment Coordinator, Cinamon is responsible for creating programs that promote Joy, Independence, and Wellness among the residents and staff at the Vistas. Cinamon's responsibilities also include coordinating the Vistas volunteer program and transportation services.

Cinamon joined the Vistas as a family member in early 2008, when her grandmother moved to the Vistas. At that time, she was working as a beautician in a local salon. The Vistas needed an evening receptionist and she agreed to work a few hours in the evenings. When she noticed the elders in need of something to do, Cinamon began coordinating evening activities. When the opportunity arose, Cinamon joined our team full time as the Life Enrichment Coordinator.

Cinamon was born and raised in Red Bluff, California, and moved to Redding in 1989. She married her high school sweetheart, Adam Lunsford. Together they have three children that keep Cinamon very busy while getting to and from their sports and other activities. Cinamon loves to travel, loves Disneyland, and loves history. 

Activities Coordinator for The Vistas Assisted Living and Memory Care
Maintenance Director for The Vistas Assisted Living and Memory Care

Eric Corbin, Maintenance Director

As the Maintenance Director for The Vistas Assisted Living and Memory Care Community, Eric oversees all building maintenance and preventative maintenance requirements. Eric oversees housekeeping and works well with his team to make the Vistas a comfortable, beautiful, safe and compliant building that meets Ridgeline, state and residents expectations. So who is Eric Corbin... Eric Lamont Corbin was born in Oakland California. He graduated from Fremont High in 1983 and went to Laney College trade school for one year and was hired by the Days Inn Hotel in 1985 as Chief Engineer. Eric has been married for 25 years and has five sons and two grandsons. In February 2000 he started his own business from home and within one year he opened his first shop doing custom paint on cars and motorcycles and custom car audio systems and custom wheels and tires. One year after he opened his first shop his business was growing so fast that he outgrew his smaller shop and opened a 10,000 square-foot shop in Antioch California. Eric moved to the north state in late 2004. He purchased a home in Palo Cedro California. During this time he still had his business in Antioch California. In 2007 he opened a second shop in Anderson California. Eric had several award winning car and motorcycle projects over the years. His cars and motorcycles were featured in dub magazine. In August of last year Eric chose to close his business due to his mother becoming ill in the Bay Area. After a trip to visit her and returning back to the north state he had decided he wanted to do something different with his life so he started looking for employment in the maintenance area. In August of this year Eric joined The Vistas Assisted Living and Memory Care as the Maintenance Director. Eric says even though he has been here for a short time, he enjoys working with the Vistas family.

Heather Millar, Business Office Manager

Heather Millar is our business office manager. She is responsible for accounts receivable; accounts payable; processing payroll; new-hire paperwork; and other business-office functions. She fills in as front receptionist occasionally. She is not above helping residents when they stop by her office. She can help insert hearing aides, and she is expert at getting stubborn jewelry clasps to work. She even caught our eel when it escaped from our aquarium! She is well-qualified to work at the Vistas.

Heather is a native Californian, born in Santa Clara where she grew up. She attended college, but she attributes her qualifications mostly to life experience.

She lives in Redding with Cooper, her black Labrador retriever. She describes him as her best friend and companion. She’s got pictures.

Heather enjoys relaxing with her son Drew, his friends, and other members of her family; and she likes to spend time gardening.

Heather Millar, Business Office Manager